Mission & Vision

We are the company dedicated to service all individual and public and assisting in obtaining and maintaining the value of our client properties while selling or buying . we are the firm that is registered with the institute of estate agent affair board and we are controlled by the rules and regulation of the estate affairs board of South Africa . which is also responsible for our up date and trainings in this field for Estate Agent firm.


LIMPOPO PROVINCE / all Municipality and Local towns

From Naboom to Musina .


We sell  houses, residential  stand and commercial business . we also sell farms and plots .

  • We do rentals admin
  • We assist in completion of offer to purchase and other contracts related to selling or buying of properties.
  • We assist all our clients to get finance while they buy properties
  • We advice all our clients when they buy or sell their properties in order to get the quality and proper products they are selling  or buying
  • All of our clients always get value of properties they are buying or selling
  • We do valuation to all properties within 50 km from our local offices.

Why you should choose us

This is an Estate Agent Firm based in Limpopo Province . our Office is in Thohoyandou home town C.B.D . Home address   Mulovhedzi building Mphephu drive just opposite Shell Garage .very close to Game centre and KFC and we found at office no 06 .


Jane is ready to welcome you to our offices.

Email: jane@denmukproperties.co.za

Cell no: 084 531 4557

          Anticipate the need of our customers

          Acknowledge their needs

          Apologise despite the fact that we may not have caused the issue

          Amend and find away to solve their issues



          Never consider a private sale, for there might be some hidden issues that can lead you to a loss

          Never buy a property to a mental  disturbed person unless there is some proven guardian and witnesses

          Never buy a property from an under aged person oven it the property is cheap or have a better value.